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TIPS: Humane Society's Suggestions for Car Travel with Pets

Cat carrier

by allygirl520

It’s upsetting to report that I’ve seen a lot of pets riding in the front seats of cars lately. The Humane Society recommends that pet owners put their dogs and cats in the backseat during car trips car to avoid potential injuries should a passenger-side airbag deploy. Since we’re talking about safety, here are some of The Humane Society’s other car travel tips:

  • Before putting a pet in a car, be sure that the animal is wearing a collar and proper identification.
  • Although not all dogs need to be in a carrier while in the car, all cats should be. These carriers should be secured by seat belt.
  • Restraining harnesses (found in most pet stores) are a good idea for dogs.
  • Unrestrained dogs should not be allowed to stick their heads outside the window. Dogs can ingest a lot of dirt and other debris this way or become sick by inhaling too much air.
  • Pets should never be allowed in truck beds.
  • Be sure to budget in time to stop for bathroom breaks and exercise.
  • No matter what the season, pets should not be left unattended in cars.

Hilary Solan