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NEWS: Short Cuts—Snow Virgin Contest, Illustrated Travelogue, Twilight Cruise, And More

Snowy Colorado

Snowy Colorado by aurorasoul

A quick roundup of travel-related items:

  • Eskimos need not apply. But “snow virgins” are encouraged to enter a contest for an all-expense paid, three-month adventure this winter in Colorado. Make your case, due Nov. 9, through a video submission to the Colorado Snow at First Sight contest. “Sing, dance, beg, plead, whatever. Just make it good,” the tourism people say.
  • Goodbye 20s, hello old age, said illustrator Matt Sundstrom. To mark his 30th birthday, Sundstrom headed west, taking the Oregon Trail route and sketching along the way. His website hosts his beautifully illustrated trip journal, which starts in New Hampshire and ends at the Oregon coast. Check out his journey here, and be sure to download one of his computer wallpapers. My screen now displays the Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge, getting me even more excited for my trip there next summer.
  • Speaking of Oregon, it’s old news that the people of Forks are getting pretty tired of the vampire-obsessed teenage set coming to visit the town the fictional Twilight series takes place in. But fear not, the residents got some good news today, as a Twilight-themed cruise will be taking off next summer, containing all the screaming fans on a boat. Tickets for this “convention on water:” start at about $1,000 per person. That’s a lot of babysitting bucks.
  • The new “Leave No Trace” video reminds visitors of the importance of responsibility and consciousness when visiting the national parks, but the short film also serves as a dramatic travelogue, offering views few non-winged creatures get to see.
  • There are a ton of crazy and enticing hotel deals out there right now, but this one has a certain appeal. Affinia Hotels has created a “Comfort Package” where guests get, in addition to breakfast in bed and the coveted late check-out, new pajamas and some Ben and Jerry’s. The package is available in New York, Chicago, and Washington DC. You don’t have to feel too bad about being slothful, as some proceeds go to Common Ground, a non-profit that aids homeless Americans and has creative solutions to affordable housing. [h/t Brooklyn Nomad] — Hilary Solan