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TIPS: Calculate Your Own Carbon Footprint


by Dr. Keats

In the spirit of responsible travel, more and more people are buying carbon offsets to make up for the greenhouse gases released in association with trips. Thanks to Carbonfund.org, an online tool that calculates how much gas is released during certain activities, I learned that my trip to Miami in two weeks will emit approximately 0.43 tons of carbon dioxide. The recommended offset is about $4.50, the price of one of the many Cuban sandwiches I plan on having for lunch. I also used the site to estimate my yearly footprint. My personal and work travel this year alone has been responsible for over 9 tons of CO2 emissions, and that figure doesn’t count my daily commute, which brings my total to about 12 tons. Curious about your own footprint—either while home or away? Here are some other sites in addition to Carbonfund that offer online calculators:

Hilary Solan