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Finding Fall in Southern Wisconsin

Oriole Springs Orchard

Oriole Springs Orchard in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, by Hilary Solan

Living in a city, it can be hard to appreciate the subtlety of the changing seasons. Here in Chicago, it won’t stop raining, but the leaves are still pretty much still on the trees, and the air is anything but crisp. To get my first true taste of fall, I knew I needed to head north. Just across the border in Wisconsin is the Oriole Springs Orchard, a place that got nothing but rave reviews from friends. After a quick trip on the interstate, accompanied by an out-of-towner, we found exactly what we were looking for. We bought a half-bushel bag ($18), and spent the afternoon catching up, finding the perfect red delicious and jonathan apples, and planning on how to use them. Once our arms were tired, we headed about a mile down the state line to the country market Harvest Time, where we revived ourselves with brats, light and crisp doughnuts, and a necessary trip to the petting zoo.—Hilary Solan

Note: See more pictures from Twin Lakes on Flickr.

Oriole Springs Orchard Oriole Springs Orchard