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TIPS: Lost Your Travel Hat? We've Got You Covered

rows and rows of cowboy hats

Rows and rows of cowboy hats by Lin Pernille ♥ Photography

Hats on trips should be like tissues: breathable, packable, and never so wonderful that you cry when it floats off into the river you’re admiring.

One solution to keep them inexpensive, which doesn’t necessarily mean bad looking. Which means that another solution is to make sure it’s heinous enough that your hat could go over Niagara Falls and you’d be leaping for joy instead of leaping after it.

Or you can go for another less obvious solution: hats like Tilley Endurables. Insured. According to Tilley, it’s a “two-year, all perils, 50% deductible insurance policy.” If the hat is lost, stolen or destroyed within two years, they’ll replace it at half the current price (plus shipping and taxes). [h/t Gadling]

Whatever your best defense is, there are a lot of cool hats out there. Rand McNally has a few women’s sun hats (like the Sydney Diva and the Hampton) in our online store. And for the men–and still more for the women–I haven’t touched the brim of the Internet’s hat sites:

Not to mention the number of hat-based blogs.— Andy Dost