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TIPS: Sites Offer Help on Pet Travel

Backseat Dog

Going for a ride by Ssmallfry

Thinking of taking Fido on the family vacation? TakeYourPet.com offers tips on traveling with your pet by car or plane, including free guides and a packing list. For a $1.95 membership fee, you can get access to a pet-friendly lodging guide, travel discounts, and other benefits. One tip: Feed your pet about one third of its normal amount before beginning the trip. Save the remainder for once you’ve reached your destination.

Another useful resource for pet owners is PetsWelcome.com. Here, you can find over 25,000 listings for pet-friendly hotels, beaches, resorts, campgrounds and more. They also have listings for emergency vets and kennels across the U.S.— Kelsey Rexroat