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PHOTOS: Explore Abandoned America

What is it that makes abandoned places so intriguing? The rust, the peeling paint, the discarded remnants of elapsed lives—they are fascinating hints of forgotten storylines. If your eyes linger when you pass a boarded up door, you are not alone. Many web communities are dedicated to documenting the deserted corners of America through photography.

Trailer Moonrise ©Troy Paiva/lostamerica.com

Trailer Moonrise ©Troy Paiva/lostamerica.com

Photographer Troy Paiva has explored the Southwest’s abandoned highlights at night for nearly 20 years. The eerie fluorescent glow in his photos is not a result of Photoshop, but of exposure and lighting techniques he shares on his site, Lost America. He shoots all the photos at night or in low-light conditions.—Kelsey Rexroat

Find more photos of abandoned America at these websites:

1) The (WU)ltimate 33-Part Guide to Abandoned Places

This site features lists, pictures, and descriptions of top abandoned places, such as “7 Abandoned Wonders of America,” “24 Abandoned Cities and Ghost Towns,” and “Abandoned Places Used in Famous Films.” They even narrow their guides down to the specific type of deserted place, from theme parks to asylums, and offer a guide to exploring abandoned buildings legally.

2) Abandoned America

Calling itself “the home for all things abandoned,” this site features haunting galleries of deserted hospitals, prisons, schools, and more.

3) Flickr Groups

The following photo communities focus on abandoned places throughout America:

Abandoned America
Abandon: Color
Lost America
Abandoned but not Forgotten

Michigan Central Depot

Michigan Central Depot by tronics

Amusement park ride

Amusement park ride by craigfinlay