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NEWS: Least Popular Blue Mustang on the Market

Ooo! Picnic basket!

Blue Bear at Denver Convention Center by firepile

Denver, Colo.— The city’s obsession with big blue animal sculptures has reached boiling point. Last year, the city of Denver added a 32-foot wild horse statue to Denver International Airport, raising the blue count to two. However, Mustang has turned off many fliers. It is not as beloved as the whimsical bear-looking-for-the-honey-pot-convention statue (pictured right). Some people say this horse statue looks evil, citing the red eyes and (not as often) blue color. A protest page on Facebook has even sprung up, and people in Denver are calling for the city to send the sculpture packing.

Mustang Sally

Blue Mustang at Denver International Airport by gregor_y

Mustang is an imposing figure on the airport’s landscape, and it was meant to be. When the statue was to be installed indoors, its artist, Luis Jimenez, sued. He would say that the statue recalls the frontier spirit and freedom of the American West, not evil curses. Though, delays did plague the construction of the statue, the cost to the city was more than double the expected, and an accident with the torso of the horse killed its artist. None of that helps the statue’s “not-evil” plea.— Andy Dost