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NEWS: Experience 'American Idol' At Disney World

American Idol Experience

Rendering of the “American Idol Experience” courtesy of Disney World

Lake Buena Vista, Fla.—What’s an American Idol hopeful supposed to do in the off-season? Try going to Disney World. Coming in January, fans of the singing competition can head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to get in on the action. From auditions to backstage preparations to the finals, guests will get to replicate the show in the new attraction. Hopefuls will sing before a cast of judges after working with a vocal coach and getting their hair and make-up done. Then at the end of each day at Disney, performers with the highest votes will compete in the Grand Finale at Walt Disney World. Winners will then get a special reservation for an upcoming regional audition for the Fox TV show. That means no waiting in those famously long lines. For more information on how to visit or try out, log on to the attraction’s Web site.— Hilary Solan