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NEWS: Tip-Top Treehouse Designs

Feng shui treehouse

Feng shui treehouse courtesy of San Antonio Botanical Garden

San Antonio, Tex.—Tree houses, sites of countless hours of play, are usually just as much fun to dream up and construct. Last spring, the San Antonio Botanical Garden asked local designers to do just that—create prototypes for the most fantastic structures. Designers were told the sky was the limit in hopes of getting innovative and usual designs. And now, the eight winning designs, in full size, are on display until Dec. 7 in San Antonio.

No one structure is alike, but many winners used recycled and sustainable materials in their constructions. The winning designs are: a recycled retreat, a rocket ship designed by a seven-year-old, a flower fort, a bamboo pavilion with movable walls, a structure powered by solar panels and lit by LED lights, a feng shui garden (shown above), a humming Aeolian harp and a sandbox featuring elements of classical Greek architecture. “The imagination of the design community is endless,” says Bob Brackman, director of the San Antonio Botanical Garden. — Hilary Solan