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Cheese, Milk and Fudge!

Fudge the Kid

Fudge the Kid by Erin Vorhies

Anderson, S.C.—I could not have picked a better hostess to show me around Split Creek Farm than the farm’s newest addition, baby goat Fudge. She hopped and danced and tried to catch the chickens, then bounded away, laughing at how easy it is to startle them. The farm houses eight breeds of dairy goat; you’ll also find dogs, chickens, and pigs roaming around. As consumers become more health-conscious, more might be inclined to turn to goat milk over cow milk. Per ounce, it contains almost a third of the calories but twice the protein and half the fat. One of the only farmsteads in the U.S. to produce milk and process cheese on site, Split Creek Farm sells a variety of goat milk products, including cheese, milk, fudge, yogurt, and soap, all priced between $3 and $8.50. Their fudge and cheese products have won national awards, and their feta was judged best in the country in 2005. I personally recommend the feta soaked in olive oil with sun-dried tomatoes (but I bet Fudge would’ve suggested … the fudge). — Erin Vorhies