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This Is Not a Post

Table Rock State Park
Table Rock State Park Cabin

Table Rock State Park by Erin Vorhies

Pickens, S.C.—(This is a non-blog post. I am not actually blogging because I am not anywhere where blogging is possible. I am in a beautiful, secluded cabin in the woods at Table Rock State Park, where there is no cellphone signal, no WiFi or modem Internet connection, no television, no radio, no land-line phone. I am writing this non-post in a plain text file to be put up when I return to civilization. I also am writing it quickly because I am fairly certain that even turning on a laptop is against the rules when you’re this immersed in Mother Nature. This park features trails ranging from 1.9 miles to 8.4 miles, so I will get up early, eat the breakfast I’ll prepare for myself in the cabin’s kitchen, and do some hiking up toward the peak of Table Rock Mountain (elevation: 3,124 feet). I will get up early with the sun rising up in the mountains. I just might need to keep my cellphone turned on as a backup alarm clock.) — Erin Vorhies