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New York Road Notes

Keuka Lake

Keuka Lake by rengel134

A few things about driving around the Finger Lakes:

  • It’s not all vineyards. There are sloping, drifting fields of corn, stalks so tall you can’t imagine. There are barns with cows. The cow-crossing signs are for real. The cows are five feet from the road, itching to cross over to the side with the cozy red barn. It’s quite startling to look at the side of the road and be virtually eyeball-to-eyeball with a cow. And I’m from Wisconsin!

  • Mennonites farm the land around here. There are road signs cautioning drivers about the buggies. I saw a family, one mom and about five kids, riding their bikes on the very wide shoulders.

  • The buggies explain the horse hockey that appears at regular intervals on the road shoulder.

  • I’m still not used to the road signage here. It’s smaller. I’ve missed several backroad turnoffs because I’m looking for one kind of county road sign, and it’s not the kind they have here. They’re small, the kind that I expect in towns for street names. Funny how patterns govern what you see.

 — Nathalie Strassheim