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DESTINATION: Harley-Davidson Heaven

Harley-Davidson Museum Harley-Davidson Museum Harley-Davidson Museum

Harley-Davidson Museum by Laurie Borman/Rand McNally.com

Milwaukee, Wis.—On July 12, motorcyclists made their way to the opening of a new icon: the Harley-Davidson Museum. Located near downtown on Canal Street, the museum houses historic bikes, jazzed-up versions like the 13-foot King Kong, and other sweet rides. You can even climb aboard a few unusual creations from the design lab, and an entire wall of colorful gas tanks showcases the range of expression devoted to just one piece of the legendary Harley. During the week, the archivists are at work, restoring artifacts. If you’re interested, though, you’ll have to check it out before or after the company’s 105th anniversary celebrations, running Aug. 28-31, 2008, because those are all sold out. — Laurie Borman