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TIP: Wheel Simple—Scooting About in Seattle

NEWS: Wheel Simple—Scooting About in Seattle

Scoot About

Scooter family by Susan Richardson/Scoot About

Seattle, Wash.—Looking to save on rental-car gas on that trip to the Emerald City? Try two wheels instead of four.

“People will rent cars without realizing how catastrophic it will be on their wallets, so they come here instead,” said Susan Richardson, whose Seattle-based Scoot About rents scooters to what she terms “a real mix” of locals and travelers alike. “The reaction after a day on a scooter is always the same: ‘I wish I hadn’t rented my car.’ “

So far, Richardson said, she has had “rave reviews” from locals, who can sign up as members to receive free gas for their first eight miles, and visitors, who pay rates starting at $30 per hour or $75 for the day. (All renters must take a short safety course and present a valid driver’s license.)

Just can’t get about on anything less than four tires? Consider Zipcar, which allows members to sign out vehicles in all its markets (Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and more; see their website for locations in the U.S., U.K. and Canada). — Amy Frye