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All Aboard the Railroad Motel

Credit: Railroad Park Resort by Laurie Borman/Rand McNally.com

Dunsmuir, Calif. — Train buffs and kids would love this place. I am neither, but I love it, too. Tucked into a cozy caboose at night, I’m lulled to sleep by a babbling brook. The Railroad Park Resort and RV Campground is right off of I-5, but away from highway noise. The gift shop sells a plethora of train trinkets, and around the grounds are various train relics—old cars and equipment. The best part is the room itself: a very comfortable and surprisingly spacious train car, complete with hot shower. Cabooses and more are permanently anchored on tracks in a circle around the outdoor pool. All aboard for a good night’s sleep in an unusual setting. — Laurie Borman